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Benefits of Clearbomb Exfoliating Kit


• Even out skin tone 

• Help relieve dry skin 

• Prevent blackheads 

• Improve acne scarring 

• Lighten hyperpigmentation 

• Diminish fine lines

• Pimple killer

• Reveal brighter skin 

• Help with skin texture 


Clear Bomb has chemical acids (AHA/BHA), It has retinol too! It is a great option to exfoliate the skin and reveal a soft, even, glowing complexion. ✨ 


• Always use in moderation 

• Peeling always depend on your skin type 

• Skin tends to be more sensitive when using this product. You might experience redness/darkening of the skin, tightness and dryness, but it’s part of the process. In 3-4 weeks you’ll notice an improvement. :) 

• It is recommended to switch to milder set after 4 weeks to avoid “over exfoliation” 


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