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Short Term VS Long Term

In order for any product to be effective, dapat alam natin how to use it properly.

Some products are there to treat and rejuvenate to bring back your skin to its healthy state, some are for forever.

Knowing the difference is key para maiwasan natin yung overusage of a product na hindi naman meant to be used for a long time. Anything na sobra ay hindi nakakaganda.

But don’t worry, Dahil kapag feeling mo kailangan mong mag exfoliate/rejuvenate pwede mo din namang gamitin ulit, Wag lang tuloy tuloy.

SHORT TERM USAGE - These are products with a high level of strong actives and chemical acids. Pang-treatmenent sila and should not be used for more than 2 months maximum. As much as we want to maintain yung maganda at instant na effect niya, improper use of product can result to more issues.

LONG TERM USAGE - These products are formulated to be mild and gentle so you can use it anytime, anywhere, kahit forever pa!

Remember, our promise from the start is making your skin better. Not just to sell but make a real difference in the lives of our sellers and consumers alike. 💯

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